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This blog is all about tea.

No advertising,  no recipes – Just tea history, culture and interesting facts.

Why I write about tea…

I am originally a Japanologist and during my PHD, I mainly researched tea culture in Japan, but I am seeking knowledge also about tea from other places around Asia. My motivation is my personal interest in tea culture and the fact that I want to spread the knowledge I gained from my research on this topic. There are tons of books and articles on the history of tea and on tea masters etc. and I want to share some interesting facts. There are also many blogs on tea out there, however, there aren’t that many blogs on the history of tea. That’s why I want to focus on this aspect.

In this blog, I don’t want to do just some kind of encyclopedia on tea, but rather try to write articles that are not only informative but also interesting for the reader, with my own insights, experiences, theories etc. And I will provide references for most of the articles* for academic readers (*depending on whether it is about historical or other facts or if the article is about my experience or insights from travel or joining tea ceremony club or class etc.).

I want to focus on the following categories:

  • History of tea in Asia
  • History of tea in China
  • History of tea in Japan (- because of my background as Japanologist)
  • Chanoyu
  • Senchadō
  • Tea masters and “tea people”
  • Local tea cultures
  • Tea and society
  • Tea and art
  • “Tea places” – interesting places to visit in connection with tea
  • (Do you have any suggestions for further categories?)

Sorry, I am not a tea sommelier, so I can’t provide professional information on tea tastings, recipes, or anything like that, but there are plenty of interesting blogs to read from the sommelier point of view.

Further, I want to keep my blog neutral to guarantee an academic writing level. Therefore I won’t post any advertisement or product placement.

If you have any questions or know some more details on each topic, please let me know. I would be happy if we could exchange our knowledge. Also, if there is any mistake in my information, please let me know.

Also, I am not native in the English language, so please inform me, if you find any grammar or spelling mistakes. Thank you.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

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